Here is a list of courses that I have taught, students I have mentored, prelims I have tutored, and a course I helped design materials for at the University of Connecticut.


Students mentored through UConn’s Directed Reading Program (DRP):

  • Spring 2023: Sarah Hocutt, project on mathematical cryptography (presentation)
  • Spring 2022: Sierra Woods, project on elliptic curves (presentation)

Prelims tutored at UConn:

MATH 3710 Mathematical Modeling:

Summer 2022 I was apart of a CLAS Course Improvement Mini Grant with David T. McArdle. The goal was to create a modular, inquiry-based modeling course. In particular, the learning objectives of the modules were to have the students

  • demonstrate an understanding of how mathematical models can be implemented in various STEM fields,
  • apply mathematical techniques from calculus, differential equations, and discrete mathematics to create and analyze models, and
  • communicate solutions to mathematical modeling problems through the use of presentations and expository writing.

As a result, I designed the following 2-week module on a climate model: the energy balance model. Here is the self-guided (group) activity that the students are expected to complete in the first week and here is the video assignment that the students are expected to complete in the second week.