Geometry and Topology Prelim

This page is intended as a resource for the PhD students at UConn taking the geometry and topology prelim.

I have not been the topology prelim tutor before, but I have taken the topology prelim. Here I have shared all of my past prelim solutions from when I was studying. Hopefully this will be helpful to all of you who are studying for this prelim.

A good first place to start studying is UConn’s past geometry and topology prelims. For the course, we used Topology by James Munkres, and we used other sources for some of the algebraic topology material we covered. For general information or advice on how to study for prelims, you can read this blog post.

Past prelims:

Here I have included past homeworks and midterms from when I took the course, but these are essentially just a collection of past prelim problems.

Past homeworks:

Past midterms: